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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gifts for the Non-scrapper

Hello Peeps....
It's been a while....I'm frantically trying to secure the building I showed in an earlier post but the costs aren't working out. Even though I like the spot because of convenience, I'm finding I can get a much nicer place for less moola. So, I haven't abandoned that idea but if they won't negotiate a better price per square footage then I think I have another place that I really like. More on that in the future.

I have found that when I give "finished" scrapbooks to my friends and family who are non-crafters, the books stay empty. It's easier to put pictures in regular albums for those people. This year, I tried something a little different and I like the results.

I purchased a regular photo album and embellished it. It was so simple, why didn't I think of this sooner???? You can find these albums everywhere, even the Dollar Store.
I actually liked leaving the edge of the book showing.
I used three sheets of paper from My Mind's Eye Designer paper. Lots of texture in this paper pack. I adhered the paper with Wonder Tape.  
The embellie and lace is from my stash. I believe I bought it at Michaels. I used 6000 glue for that as it was a little heavier.
I printed a few quotes and added Distress Ink and adhered them to additional cardstock and placed them throughout the album. I really like putting embellishments on the outside of the photo sleeves, it adds a bit of dimension.
All in all, it took more time to pick out the paper than to put the project together and hopefully it will be more "user friendly" .
Happy New Year Everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Today I woke up early because I’m not sleeping these days. Lots on my mind.

Last night I was wrapping presents and just broke down. I have been thinking about those precious children that have presents under the tree and can't even imagine how those parents feel knowing that they will never be opened. There are no words that can be said to comfort.

After a few days of hurtful words (my part and others) and basically not feeling so great, I had to finally stop and reflect on what is precious in a world so uncertain. In the scheme of things, what the hell is more important that loving your friends, family and for that matter strangers. For reaching out to care even in the littlest ways. Kindness comes so easily but I think being mean really takes some thinking. You must calculate what will hurt the other person and go for that vulnerability.  

My word for next year is LOVE.  It has so many meanings and I intend to love a lot more.

What are the most important things in life?

My children. I have everything I could ask for in children. They are good kids who love what they are doing and both are pursuing a dream.

My friends.  I have two friends this year who are pursuing happiness that they thought was out of their reach. Those two friends have supported me in my passion to open a store and they never once said don't do it. I love them more than words can say right now. I have met so many strangers this year that became my instant friends. They are beautiful, talented and kind people and I fell in love with them immediately.

My family. Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, nieces and nephews whom I dearly love and appreciate them in all their craziness.

I have a lot to love and a lot to give and I intend to do just that. All year long and then some.

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. AND LOTS OF LOVE!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here's Your Sign.....

Where's Your Store?
So sometimes (most of the time) I do things backwards. I found this awesome store on Etsy called PLAY ON WORDS. Kevin repurposes License Plates into signs, picture frames dust pans among other things and embellishes with barbed wire.  He had the most awesomeness sign "Cowgirl" and it was just my style, so I emailed Kevin and asked if he could make another sign that said "Lazy". Yay me! He said yes.
He had the signs to me within a week and they were exactly what I expected. Excellent workmanship. Thank you Kevin. Please visit his shop if you get an opportunity!
Onward...... Here's the building I'm trying to lease. It's owned by Placer County (who I work also for, just a different department) and I must say it's been a bit of a headache trying to obtain it.

It doesn't look like much does it? But it's cheap. I think it. They haven't countered my offer yet. It has a large room (perfect workshop) with 2 smaller rooms that will serve as an office and a retail area. A little paint and flooring and my new sign and I'll take the leap. I will certainly be putting lots of money into advertising because it's not the best location.
I'm getting ahead of myself, I need to tell you all about my business plan, my purchases of fixtures, tables, my empty storage unit and of course class ideas and inventory. Whew.
Maybe some of you have noticed on my blog in the upper right hand corner, a area of daily quotes. This was the quote today...... Babe is speaking to me!
Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back.
Babe Ruth
 Thanks for coming along with me on my journey......
Happy Trails,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And away we go....

I'm finally posting. Yeh yeh, it's been a while, but I have a good reason. I woke up on October 29th and said to myself, "Self, What are you waiting for?" Then I said, "F" it, I'm doing this" Sorry, potty mouth. I find myself telling my kids they can do anything they want, they can be anyone they want to be. THEY have the choice. I tell my friends they can accomplish all their goals. Why don’t I give myself permission to do the same???? Why don’t I have the courage?  So.........

I have always wanted to open a little (and I mean little) workshop/studio/retail place. A place where I can teach papercrafting and mixed media. A place where I can bring others in to teach arts, crafts, etc..... So, I'm doing this and I thought I'd chronicle it in hopes of inspiring others to just do it too. Hey.... I may fail, I know that too....But...... At least I tried and if nothing else, I'll have a studio to work in for a year! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Who's That Dame?

Hey All:
I've posted my newest Mini Album Kit "Oh What a Dame".
 It's available here on Etsy.........
The kit features Glitz Design's new collection called "Cashmere Dame". It's a sassy retro kit celebrating some saucy ladies (Do you know any?).  It's full of pockets, rhinestones,  embellishments, puffy stickers, ribbon, journaling chipboard stickers and tags to journal on. The kit comes with complete step by step instructions to complete the album as pictured here so it would make a great gift for a beginner. BUT..... The sweet thing is, you can change the kit up to personalize for yourself or another gorgeous dame like my friend Sandee in The Hills of North Carolina did.....! YOU are awesome Sandee!!!! I'll be sharing Sandee's rendition of the kit to show how you can create your own personalized kit.
 The banner is created with puffy stickers, a metal hanger and cardstock

Here are the saucy journal tags (just a little sarcastic. It's no wonder I love them)

The kit's contents and embellishments


I love the floral pattern. It reminds me of vintage wall paper.
Lovin' Sandee's wine glass and quotes. See the possibilites?
Chipboard frame from the "What Nots" coordinating chipboard package
Sandee added additional embellies from her stash

More embellisments
Plenty of Pockets and tags for journaling
Sandee's Style! Beautiful
Mini folders and rhinestones
Sandee used her Dymo Label Maker. Now I need one!
I hope you enjoy the kit as much as I loved creating it. Thank you to my dear friends Marla and  Sandee, who were my guineas for the instructions and kit creation. .
Happy Trails!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Re-Do!

Hi All:
When I was in Henderson last month I stumbled upon these "blocks" of wood. They appear to be manufactured so I took a picture so I could re-create them. I'm sorry the pic is not that great as my "smart phone" isn't very smart or I'm not.... One or the other. :)
So.... I found a couple of 2x4 ends that pretty much matched up. Did a little sanding to smooth out the edges and I was ready to go. I applied a bottom of black DecoArt paint. Then Tim Holtz crackle paint by Ranger in Faded Jeans. I added shading with Tim's Distress Ink in Faded Jeans and Black Soot. My letters are grungeboard (painted black).... Again by Tim!
These were sooooo simple to make. I love that they have such an old rustic/painted fence look. I'll be making more of these.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Happy Trails!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey Pink Gals:
First and Foremost, I want to thank Beverly for featuring me for Pink Saturday. Thank you so much and I appreciate you! Welcome everyone who is visiting from Pink Saturday! IF you're my regular followers Please visit Beverly and share your own Pink! The theme this week is Autumn Flowers and Foliage.  
I wanted to share my version of Autumn and Foliage to show you what Lincoln, California’s Autumn means to me. Not so yellow, orange and brown,  but definitely RED (they started out Pink!). Oh my, the things you can do with Pomegranates.
My trees (3) are ready for harvest and these babies are as big as softballs. There is alway a question on how to seed the poms. It is a lot of work but well worth the effort. Here's my version:
  1. Fill large pot with cold water
  2. Cut Poms in half or quarters and place in water for about ten minutes or 30. :) 
  3. Using your hands, just start breaking the Pom apart UNDER the water and using your fingertips pull out the seed. 
  4. The seed will drop to the bottom and the white fleshy parts and skins float to the top. There you have it!
 Since I get sooooo many, I've become quite creative in my use.
I love pom martinis and with fresh squeezed juice, well, what can I say.
(courtesy of five dollar dinners

Pom Sorbet with Mint, This was sooooo yummy.

Once I harvast my Poms, I'll being sharing more recipes like cheesecake with a thickened Pom sauce, Pom smoothies, and Pom jellies.  
Although we do have beautiful leaves falling here in the country and the air is finally getting a little crisper, the dust is terrible in my pastures and house.  I'm ready for rain! . It was 90 degrees just yesterday!
Happy Trails and thanks for visiting!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby on the Way

Hi Everyone.
A short little post today. A couple of weekends ago, we had the baby shower for my niece Katie. Even before that, My SIL came over with all her Pinterest ideas to make the decorations for the fun day. She is quite the hostess and everything turned out wonderful. We had a fun time and I wouldn't let her put it together without adding dimension with some ink and bling. If nothing else, adding ink around the edges of a project makes everything pop!

This was a great way to provide favors.... Make your own candy station. Plastic bags and ribbon and you're set.

I just loved how the banner turned out. A little edging with the Martha Stewart punch put the finishing touches.

Too Cute.
Katie, Looking Happy and Healthy.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Create today!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More IU 2012 Paint Can Swap

Have you ever heard of a Paint Can Swap? I hadn't. But oh what fun I had. My Paint Can Buddie (PCB) was Faye and she is a huge Sully fan.  What to do???? I made a Sully can!.
The idea behind this was to spell out the word "INSPIRATION" with gifts and stuff them inside the can. I had so much fun (well maybe not) trying to figure out things for each letter.

So now I'm hooked on Ice Resin and I made the actual word. I figured she could split them up and use them on something. :)
Faye's dog recently passed so I made a little mini album for Emma
If you get a chance to host a swap or sugggest one. Pick a word and go for it. This was a great idea and so much fun. :)
Have a great day!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration Unlimited

Good Morning Everyone!
I'm writing today about my trip to Vegas (well, Henderson). As most of you know I traveled to Henderson and spent a few days with some amazing teachers and some wonderful women. I can't tell you how afraid I was to go to this event. It was pretty much the unknown to me and I knew no one. Let me explain.... I did meet people online and participated in some swaps so I had a plan to meet up with these women when I got there. BUT.... I was still chicken. :) I started panicking and getting cranky and overwhelmed. BUT.... I stepped outside the box (Tracy Weinzapfel and my good friends who support me) in pursuit of my goal to teach and eventually open a studio where we can all come together to create.
Let me say, I was welcomed with open arms. My fear melted as I met each and every one of these women (tearing up now). Each of these women have stories to tell and we all have our burdens to bear. I found myself laughing and crying as if I've known them forever. AND we all just clicked.
I wanted to share the littlest thing than no one knew about. I was so afraid I would have to sit with a group that was already established and then feel uncomfortable. You know..... I walked into the room and MY girls saved a seat for me every time. Tiny and HUGE all the same.
My dear friend Patty. She was my Secret Sister and boy did we have fun!!! I love her!
My other Secret Sister. Over the Top Janet! What a kind, wonderful person.
Faye! My dear Faye is going through some difficult stuff right now but her generous soul shined through and she will prevail!
My New YOOORker Renee. What a doll and I loved listening to her. :)
Leslie, My Paint Bucket partner. Wait till you see my "cowgirl" bucket. Too sweet.
I have a ton more pics that I'll be sharing soon but I wanted you to see these amazing women. And, guess what? Inspiration Unlimited is NOT a cult as some have posted! It's just so awesome, that everyone keeps coming back and it's hard to get in. Get on the waiting list first thing October 7th!
Happy Trails my friends and thank you for a wonderful time!