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Sunday, October 23, 2011

When I'm Feelin' Blue.....

All I have to do,
is take a look at you.
Then I'm not so blue.......
How melancholy is that song?
 I just didn't have a good day so I turn to what makes me smile..... My kids. I decided to make Kathryn a little card to tell her how much I miss her. I like to tell people she is doing so much better away at college than I want her to. :)
I ran this through my cuttlebug for the texture and then used Tim Holz Distress in Tea Dye and Brick so it took on a leather look. I used Helmar's 450 to attach all theJolee embellishments.
I love this look on her face. She's up to some mischief.

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather ( here is Lincoln, Ca).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank You Gingersnap Creations!

I just wanted thank Gingersnap Creations for honoring me as a Ginger Gem. I was really thrilled and humbled AND EXCITED! :)

Please visit them for tons of inspiration at: -  Don't be afraid to enter some of the challenges. Everyone is very supportive. Take it from me, I was a big chicken!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Those Fashionable Flappers

I know, I know…. But I love making these cigar boxes. I plan on making a bunch for my family for Christmas. I’m going to pick out a theme for each family member and fill them with old pictures of themselves (Thanks for the idea Marla!) I try and make a little something for everyone in the family. My mom’s family gets together on Christmas Eve and it is a chaotic, but great night for all of us. We are all very close (aunts, uncles, cousins) and I wish I could share the craziness with everyone. Yea, we're not perfect, we argue and get mad at each other but we are ALWAYS there for each other and I love every crazy one of them.
So here we go…. My supplies:  Graphic 45 Fashionista Collection Bo Bunny et cetera collection 3d crystal lacquer Helmar 450 glue
Vintage pattern pieces (for background)
Americana midnight blue paint
Zipper, timepiece button, old key, rickrack

I ran a bead of Helmar 450 to attached rick rack, old key and button embellishments. It's stuck!

I used a glue gun create my first zippered flower. I need a little practice. I used Helmar 450 to attached the timepiece button.  I also used the 3D lacquer on the Bo Bunny flourish. You can't see it but I also 3D the clock with the lady and I really like the way it, well, created a 3D look.
The inside of the box was lined with more Fashionista paper and I 3D the clock again.

I love this face. So romantic........
Have a great weekend everyone!
Happy Trails

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hi Everyone

I've been crazy busy working on my craft table. I didn't realize it would be so much work but I'm almost done. I took a break today to FINALLY start cleaning my 21 year old's room. Some of you know he transferred to Chico State and moved out. I swear I don't know who raised this child. The garbage I found. Blah!!! Who taught him he could throw candy wrappers and just about everything else under his bed. I can't even post pics. SO.... I better start thinking of all the wonderful things he does and not dwell on the one little thing! You know it was actually fun looking at all his stuff. He saved everything. I'm packing it away so he can show his son someday. Awww tears..... :) 
Here he is trickriding...... crazy guy!. 

Anyway...... (I love Ellen's line), I spent a great Sunday morning at the Antique Trove's Peddler's fair. Picked up a few things I can wait to alter. I'll post pictures of everything just as soon as I finish that bedroom!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going Pink For October!

I'm borrowing the line from Sharon @ Plumroselane and I am proudly displaying one of her badges on my blog.  Go visit her! She has created some amazing badges for your blog to promote the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.    This is such a great time for all of us to reflect on the importance of getting our boobies squished. Ewwww.  So.... please..... Head on over to the website. There is a ton of information and many ways to show your support. I'm going to make my appointment this week, I'm behind on getting my exam done. No excuses! DO IT!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Travel Journal

Hi All:
I’ve been busy working on my craft table so I haven’t been creating anything else. I did want to share a fast project with you. My friend is jetting off to Europe with her daughter. They will be traveling light (backpack only) so I wanted to give her something small that wouldn't take up a ton of room. Good luck on that packing light business. I couldn’t do it! I purchased a notebook at Target for $6 bucks and added a few embellishments. I didn’t want to go overboard so it was quick and easy. She can add to it when she gets home. Sometimes, you don't have to go overboard (like I usually do) to create something functional and cute too! I hope she uses it to create some lasting memories.  Enjoy your week.

I bought the book "as is". The picture was already there and it was perfect for her trip. I added a place holder and few chipboard pieces with, of course, Helmar's 450 glue. I wanted to make sure she had pockets to tuck stuff into so she could keep things organized and the rest of the book was just pages to write her thoughts.
Just a few tags and paper to write notes on. I thought it would be a good idea to create a little stack of date sheets (bottom right)  for quick notes. I just used some alpha stamps and a lined stamp to create them.