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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Morning Everyone

I know I've been MIA lately but I have good reasons. Getting both kids squared away for college is HARD! But they are all settled and I'm happy to report that they are thrilled in their decisions. Kathryn just had an earthquake and that was pretty exciting and Nick is already dancing at the new clubs in Chico.
BUT WAIT!!!!!!  I have exciting news for me too....... Can't tell yet. You'll have to wait and I don't want to post any new projects yet because I want you to see....... The only hint I'll give you is .
Happy Scrapping my friends!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Creative Connection Event

OK, My Friends……

Check this out: I am so excited about this event and I want you all to know about it too. I know, I know, not everyone can fly off to Minnesota at the drop of a hat but I’m going to try (wish me luck!) I actually just found out about it through my blog hoppin’ and it seems they have really got their stuff together.

The Event is September 15th through the 17th in St. Paul, MN at the Crowne Plaza hotel. It is jam-packed with keynote speakers, workshops AND…… a marketplace! Ta Da! Can you imagine all the creative energy flowing around that place for three whole days…… I’m trembling! 

ALSO……. I shouldn’t tell you but I will…… They are giving away two tickets and hotel accommodations for the event so mosey on over and get the details. There are a lot of ways to enter. Just so you know, the rules specifically say, “If you win, you have to take Kim”. Or least that’s what I read! Enjoy! It sounds like a great opportunity.