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Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspiration Unlimited

Good Morning Everyone!
I'm writing today about my trip to Vegas (well, Henderson). As most of you know I traveled to Henderson and spent a few days with some amazing teachers and some wonderful women. I can't tell you how afraid I was to go to this event. It was pretty much the unknown to me and I knew no one. Let me explain.... I did meet people online and participated in some swaps so I had a plan to meet up with these women when I got there. BUT.... I was still chicken. :) I started panicking and getting cranky and overwhelmed. BUT.... I stepped outside the box (Tracy Weinzapfel and my good friends who support me) in pursuit of my goal to teach and eventually open a studio where we can all come together to create.
Let me say, I was welcomed with open arms. My fear melted as I met each and every one of these women (tearing up now). Each of these women have stories to tell and we all have our burdens to bear. I found myself laughing and crying as if I've known them forever. AND we all just clicked.
I wanted to share the littlest thing than no one knew about. I was so afraid I would have to sit with a group that was already established and then feel uncomfortable. You know..... I walked into the room and MY girls saved a seat for me every time. Tiny and HUGE all the same.
My dear friend Patty. She was my Secret Sister and boy did we have fun!!! I love her!
My other Secret Sister. Over the Top Janet! What a kind, wonderful person.
Faye! My dear Faye is going through some difficult stuff right now but her generous soul shined through and she will prevail!
My New YOOORker Renee. What a doll and I loved listening to her. :)
Leslie, My Paint Bucket partner. Wait till you see my "cowgirl" bucket. Too sweet.
I have a ton more pics that I'll be sharing soon but I wanted you to see these amazing women. And, guess what? Inspiration Unlimited is NOT a cult as some have posted! It's just so awesome, that everyone keeps coming back and it's hard to get in. Get on the waiting list first thing October 7th!
Happy Trails my friends and thank you for a wonderful time!



Barbie said...

Kim i'm so glad you had a fabulous time... being the wallflower type i understand how difficult it was for you to decide to go and get out of your box! Waiting to see your pix of products, your pix of your friends are the best way to start... they will always be there for you!

sandee said...

I've never heard of the group but they score in my eyes, as they made you feel so loved and welcome! That is just awesome! I'm so glad you went and stepped outside of that comfort zone, it has some wonderful results when we do that! Tfs the pictures, I always like seeing them! Can't wait to see your cowgirl bucket!!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

pacools said...

ditto back at you I had a wonderful time and I was truly priviledged to be your secret sister. We will continue this friendship and I am here for you. I want to support your dream an so do the other awesome new friends we made.