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Monday, September 17, 2012

Inspiration Unlimited - Vegas Baby!

Hi Peeps....
Again I've been crazy busy. I'm happy to say that I'm finally finished with all my projects for Inspiration Unlimited. I have all my supplies and gifty things packed in on suitcase and I was so thankful MOST of it fit. I haven't packed my clothes yet but I'll get to that. Soooooo...... I have never made the same thing twice and I was certainly challenged with the swaps I signed up for 22 layout pages the same and 20 birthday cards the same. I thought to myself.... How hard can it be? Probably easier than coming up with a new creation everytime I sit down, right? Wrong...... It was difficult to stick with it. I wanted to go off and create other stuff and I missed my creations.
On the up side, I'll get 20 different cards back and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone else's art.
I think they turned out cute though and well, I don't really do cute. LOL
My layout pages paid off big time because I got 22 pages back in the mail that were so amazing. I am in awe of how many creative women there are in the world!!!! I am binding the pages together to hold all my pictures from the event.
My pages.......
I'll share tons more with everyone when I get back because I can't share my "stuff". It's a surprise for a few gals. So looking forward to a cocktail(or 2), pool and a room full of creative energy. Look out Vegas, I think it's going to be crazy!

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Barbie said...

Your cards must have a "fun" in front of the cute!! can hardly wait to see what treasures you end up with. Have a great time!