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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And away we go....

I'm finally posting. Yeh yeh, it's been a while, but I have a good reason. I woke up on October 29th and said to myself, "Self, What are you waiting for?" Then I said, "F" it, I'm doing this" Sorry, potty mouth. I find myself telling my kids they can do anything they want, they can be anyone they want to be. THEY have the choice. I tell my friends they can accomplish all their goals. Why don’t I give myself permission to do the same???? Why don’t I have the courage?  So.........

I have always wanted to open a little (and I mean little) workshop/studio/retail place. A place where I can teach papercrafting and mixed media. A place where I can bring others in to teach arts, crafts, etc..... So, I'm doing this and I thought I'd chronicle it in hopes of inspiring others to just do it too. Hey.... I may fail, I know that too....But...... At least I tried and if nothing else, I'll have a studio to work in for a year! :)

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Anonymous said...

oh, good for you!!! Good luck and best wishes! You go girl! It will be marvelous I am sure. You are soo talented.