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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Here it is!

I love my new blog and feel such a sense of motivation to start creating more projects to share and hopefully generate some new followers. Again, Thanks to Sharon @ for creating the beautiful blog. PLEASE visit her Etsy shop for details, she does wonderful work. I am so thankful she could take everything that was spinning around in my head and make it a reality!

Since I’m showing off everyone else’s creativity today, I wanted to share a project that my SIL created and I thought was just beautiful. I am hoping to spotlight a number of creative people as we go along in this journey.
This was an old bistro table that she broke the glass on. She purchased a wood rounder that fit perfectly (how does that happen?) and went to work with that infamous Mod Podge, magazine clippings, stickers, paint and fabric! Since I wasn’t there for the creation, I asked her how she did it.

She started by painting the entire set and bought matching material. (it’s a little hard to see but the material is green with white polka dots). Cut material to fit, paint a layer of podge and adhere fabric. Another layer and let dry. Sounds like you’ll need to buy a lot. We’re talking 6 or 7 layers in all. She collected different flowers that she likes from magazines and placed them as she liked. Podging away here……. Another layer over the top. Then she used various stickers and the final ric-rac and more layers (maybe 2 more for good measure). A polyurethane spray to seal everything and voila!
Way to go Marci, It’s beautiful. Look at that cute pot underneath. I think I'll hit some yard sales this weekend looking for stuff to Mod Podge!



What a beautiful blog background!!So unique.. Sharon does a super job doesn't she? She has worked on my blogs too.. nice to meet you!!

scrapwordsmom said...

LOVE your background and banner!!!!!!!!!!