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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stuff Around the House

Hello Everyone:

I can't even count how many days it's been raining here in sunny California. The rivers are running high and we are all a bit concerned with the levees in the Sac Valley but here in the foothills we are more worried about the soaked ground and the big beautiful oaks that surround our houses. I hope everyone is staying safe!

Since I haven't been able to drive yet, I'm sticking with the "using what I have" theme.
SO..... I had all these spools of ribbon stacked in my craft closet and really had to dig to find the right colors or go buy it because I didn't know I had it. Sound familar? Anyone? Anyone? I had a small container that I bought at the Dollar Store. You can get these plastic baskets everywhere and really cheap. The key is to have holes of some sort in them and that's it. I actually went back and took the ribbon off the spools because that gave me more room.
Hope Everyone is having a great day!


bridget said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

What a wonderful idea!! I was trying to find a way to store all my ribbons. I was just thinking of getting three baskets: 1 for light ribbons, 1 for medium value ribbons, 1 for dark ribbons. Now all I need is a craft room!!!!