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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Days of Thank You!

I thought I’d start the end of the year (start the end????) with a blog full of thank yous to everyone who has help me in getting this adventure rolling. I’ve met (via the blogworld) so many kind people that have offered advice, provided support and creativity for me to succeed!
In addition…… To all my friends and family who have listened to:
“Look at this, What do you think of this?, Can you make this?, Can you get this?, Would you buy this?, I’m looking for….. be honest, do you REALLY like it? And for putting up with my forever changing mind as to what direction I’m heading.
Thank you ALL for your patience.

My first Thank You goes to Sharon @ Plumrose Lane. She took my ideas and created the most perfect Blog I could have ever dreamed of. When I look at it, I truly say it’s EXACTLY what I wanted. She then went on to create my business cards which are adorable. I hope to continue my friendship with Sharon as I move forward in this little dream I have. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…… visit her for your graphic needs. She is an amazing artist and she has free stuff too!
Thank you Sharon!


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Queenie Believe said...

Lovely post!! Have a happy new year!
Always, Queenie