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Friday, May 13, 2011

My Son

Wow... My son just turned 21. Where has the time gone? I remember:
  1. His super-blond hair
  2. His obsession with being a cowboy (he's an awesome trickrider now!)
  3. His stuttering. We were so worried. Turns out, his mind was going faster than his mouth.
  4. His bowed legs (great for a cowboy).
  5. His love of Playmobile (cowboys and knights)
Just to name a few. (teary eyed now) :)
He goes to Sierra JC and will transfer to Chico State in the fall. He also works as a student intern for Placer County in the Road Department which leads to my project. I created a stamp with my TC Stampmaker that reflects all the things I think of Nick and I found these awesome Road sign paper and stickers by Reminisce.
It was a pretty simple card so I really don't need to give directions. I just loved it and I fell in love with making this stamp because I could create exactly what I wanted to say. More to come like those!


Katknit said...

I love the stamp you made for you son. Is there any way you might share it or will you sell the file for the negative? Thanks for sharing.

katknit at gmail dot com

Kim said...

I'm happy to share. It is JPEG file and I will email it to you because I can't figure out how to post a file here yet. :)

Katy Young said...

love this stamp and have been wondering how you made it? been trying to make a stamp similar to this. what kind of program did you use or is there a way you can post how you made it? still trying to figure out my stampmaker.

Kim said...

Hi Katy;
It was a pretty easy stamp. I actually used Photoshop Elements 9 and created the size stamp I wanted to use (A7). I chose different fonts and words and just started arranging and sizing them to fit the dimensions of the stamp. It's easy to turn words sideways in Photoshop. When I ran into some blank space I just chose a embellishment I got from WORD clipart and sized it to fit. I saved it as a JPEG and then printed it from the IMAGEPAC software. Hope that helps! :)