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Saturday, February 16, 2013


I know I've been missing in action and I haven't had a chance to create (I really miss that). I come home and crash after working at the barn but I'm on schedule for a soft opening on March 2nd and grand opening on March 15th. Woohoo! Even though I am really tired, I'm so excited to fulfill this dream. Again.... I do miss creating.
Sooooo..... I'm really proud to say that almost everything in my shop is 'used" or repurposed. The only new stuff I have are the tables and chairs in the studio area.  Sorry about the terrible quality.... The sun was shining everywhere.

OK, I'd be lying if I didn't say I LOVE this area.
I went to a gi-normas used retail warehouse in Sacramento and picked up some less than perfect fixtures. All it took was a little flat black paint and a spray gun and I was happy.
I couldn't resist putting some paper in the rack just to see what it looks like. Both these racks were white.
Yea, I don't like the blue carpet but replacing it was a little too pricey. I keep telling myself, do I want carpet or product? There are a lot of those dilemas I run into these days. Just like getting the whole "Quickbooks" package. $2300 for the entire package (register, barcode maker and scanner and software) and it would make my life easier but sheeeesh, that's a huge amount right now. Product or Quickbooks? Product. I'm going with the $250 Quickbooks software and hopefully, I'll be able to upgrade in the future!

Ok Friends, thanks for stickin' with me. Nighty night!


sandee said...

Been thinking about you, but didn't want to pester you for details, so glad you posted some. It's looking great, and yeah, product is more important! All your hard work is paying off...can't wait for you to open! (((hugs))) waving hi from the snow dusted hills of North Carolina ♥

Barbie said...

Kim, thank you so much for keeping us that are cheering you on from the sidelines posted with pictures and plans. i'm so excited for you!