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Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Spring! (Sort Of)

Good Morning Everyone!
As you can see, I had my #1 fan
 with me the whole time. Scout LOVES
 everything I make.

I wanted to share what I did yesterday. I had a bit of a free day. Well, really I should have been cleaning house but what the H, it's not going anywhere. The weather was so beautiful, I thought I'd drag a little table on the porch and do a little V-day stuff. Here's my work station....... I needed a little sunshine so I sat out there and crafted away. It was so warm, I started with a sweatshirt on and that didn't last long. Finally had to bring out the sunglasses. Try sunin' and scrappin' (I just made that up!) sometime, it's really relaxing. OH....... and the project I made will be out this week!

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