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Monday, January 17, 2011

The "Little" Bucket List

Hi Y'all:
I'm posting a little project that I think you'll really like. I created the "Little" Bucket List for all the things I want to get done someday. I truly can't keep track of all my lists.
 I thought this would be a great time to clean out all the stuff I have and didn't purchase 1 extra thing for this project (yeh me!). See what you can find hidden away that you forgot about! I'm finding some great ideas for the bucket list theme and I'll be making more of these, that's for sure. Why not a chore bucket or a prize bucket for the kids? When I'm at a loss for what to create, I'm going to reach in and grab one and just do it! OR.......    put it back and grab another one. :) Enjoy!
How do you like the new blog????? I'm learning!

I'm trying this picture format, tell me if you can see everything ok. I cut little stripes of cardstock and inked them up, punched a hole and then started writing little things to do. I purchased a small picture hanger and glued it to the outside of the bucket for the blank ones. I love this little bucket........

1 comment:

janmendozalifecoach said...

What a Great Idea! whatever it takes to get things DONE!